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Our dream:

We dream of strong church, so strong that is able to influence the City and the Nation, both spiritually and socially;

A church that grows so fast to the point that our buildings will not be able to contain it, but it will not lose the face to face relationship that causes the richness of its precious growth;

A church in which praise and worship touches the skies and bring forth the presence of God and with His presence is able to change the world;

A church that believes and waits for the revival to happen in our time;

Such revival that many would give their lives to take part in it;

A revival that surpasses the building walls and reach out to the wounded heart, to the drug addicted, to the abandoned woman, to the depressed parents, to the sick and to the deteriorated society, as a genuine expression of God himself revealing to the heart that cries out for answers;

A church that is totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit and nothing is able to stop the Spirit of God, so it will be with the church.

“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”

Romans 8:37

Pastor Marco Antonio Peixoto:

Pr. Marco & Pa. Jussara

Pastor Marco A. Peixoto is a man who has led his generation through a strong word of faith and boldness to a modern church.

He is the President and founder of Comunidade Evangélica Internacional da Zona Sul, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro in a strategic place called Flamengo beach. The building that is the church today used to be a movie theater that caught on fire and was purchased and completely remodeled by the church.

He is also the Founder of the churches in Barra da Tijuca, Campo Grande and Nova Iguaçu. In 1994 he successfully established other churches in the United States and in many countries in Europe. In these countries he takes part in great events accompanied by his wife Juçara, his partner in ministry and mother of his three grown daughters: Julia, Lídia and Raquel.

In the last five years his ministry reached the city of Volta Redonda in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the city of São Paulo,  as well as the cities of Foz do Iguaçu and Curitiba, both in the state of Paraná, south of Brazil.

Pastor Marco A. Peixoto has written many books that teaches about edification and spiritual warfare, and some of his books have been translated to other languages including English, Italian and German. Among them you will find the best sellers: Breaking Trough in Faith (Rompendo em Fe), Mark of Christ (Marca de Cristo), Restitution (Restituição), Faith that work Miracles (Fe que Opera Milagres), It Is Possible (E Possível). Available in Portuguese only: Mentalidade de Gafanhoto, Vitoria Através de um Sacrifício, Um Canto a Meia-Noite, O Senhor das Águas, Sob os Aplausos Divinos, Multiplicação, um milagre que ainda acontece no seculo XXI, among other books.

Pastor Marco Antonio is well known by his creative method of evangelism that is able to reach out to all levels of the society, overcoming boundaries that separate them.

He was the pioneer in tent evangelism in the Copacabana Beach on New Year’s Eve. During the world wide know Rio de Janeiro’s carnaval parade, Pastor Marco take his church out to evangelize using music, theater and more, along the streets of Rio de Janeiro. He also produces massive gospel concerts in the Apoteose amphitheater free of charge to the public.

Besides that he has lead his church to rescue the social value of the homeless and the needed people.